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Grinding Wheel - Ø 200 mm - 36 grit - hardness grade K - aluminium oxide - 5 pieces

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  • Efficient – high-grade corundum with a 36 grit and the hardness grade K
  • Well suited – with a diameter of 200 mm suitable for all common sanding blocks and pedestal sanders
  • Versatile – suitable for a wide range of surface finishes
  • Simple – intuitive attachment to the grinder
  • High quality – ceramic bonded grinding wheels from Norton have been setting standards for generations.


5 Grinding wheels from the professional craft suppliers for industrial applications

The ceramic-bonded grinding wheel with a diameter of 200 mm for all common power tools such as bench grinders and stand grinders offers maximum precision with high dimensional stability. The abrasive material, precious corundum with a 36 grit and hardness grade K, guarantees maximum productivity and perfect results when treating a wide variety of surfaces.

Optimum material removal for perfect surfaces with the aluminium oxide grinding wheel

The ideal abrasive is impressive with it's low wear. It will shatter before it dulls. At the same time, it ensures optimum material removal and a perfect surface result. All this is fulfilled by pink corundum with a small amount of chromium, which guarantees better wear resistance. The abrasive is tougher than white aluminium oxide and versatile, e.g. for working on:

  • Carbon steel and alloy steel
  • Hard bronze
  • Hardwood

The set includes 5 200 mm grinding wheels.