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Model: MSW-PN-100

Tube Notcher - Ø 51 mm - 0 to 60°

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  • Adjustable—drill angle can be set between 0 and 60°
  • Stable—robust and durable construction with 15 mm-thick steel frame
  • Versatile—thanks to adapter, you can use hole saws with diameter between 12.7 and 15.9 mm
  • Compatible—drive with any commercial drill with 1/2" connector
  • Simple—easy assembly, just clamp the pipe notcher in a vice


The tube notcher for holes and notches in seconds

The tube notcher MSW-PN-100 from MSW, your experts for professional hand tools, is the ideal helper for cutting notches into pipes. Only then can they be joined together by welding or other techniques. This makes it possible to make custom-fit steel frames as well as individual handrails, roll cages, etc.

Simple and precise! The pipe notcher from MSW's professional tools collection

Notching angled openings into which pipe struts need to fit exactly presents a particular challenge. With the notching device you can position the drill head accordingly at an angle between 0 and 60° to prepare a precise joint. An easy-to-read angle scale in one-degree increments is provided on the device for this purpose.

The pipe notcher is equipped with an adjustable 2-axis clamp for convenient operation. A pipe with a maximum diameter of 51 mm is securely fastened on the first axis, while the second axis is equipped with a removable mandrel, onto which the drill is fastened. Now the drill head can be set to the desired angle with the help of the scale. The mandrel is driven by an external drill via the 1/2" connection. With the spindle adapter you can use core drilling attachments with diameters from 12.7 to 15.9 mm. Important: The hole saws and drill are not included in delivery!

The hole cutter stands out for its sturdy, long-lasting construction supported on a 15 mm-thick frame. To set up the tubing notcher, simply clamp it into a vice. You can process pipes made of steel, aluminium, copper or brass, depending on the hole saw.



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