Item: EX10062405


Model: MSW-POWER 600A

Portable Generator incl. Solar panel - 4 x USB - Quick Charge 18 W - 1 x USB C - 5 x DC - AC 100 - 240 V, 200/300 W

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  • Compatible – 4 USB ports, 1 USB-C port, 5 DC and 1 AC port
  • Powerful – high-quality lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 220 Wh is charged via a power supply unit or solar cells (not included).
  • Practical – includes a foldable solar panel for inexpensive and mobile charging of the battery.
  • Safe – provides protection against short circuiting, excessive currents or voltage, overloading, overheating and insufficient voltage
  • Clear – LCD display gives an overview of the USB, DC and AC outputs, the DC input and the battery charge level


The flexible portable generator with solar panel and USB, USB-C, DC and AC connections

Which electrical appliance do you have? The camping power station from MSW has the right connection to charge it. Whether it's for USB, USB-C, DC or AC, the portable inverter generator reliably supplies your device with direct current or alternating current via any connection. Whether it's for camping or as an emergency power source, you can use the powerful rechargeable battery flexibly as a power source. Use the accompanying solar panel to charge wherever you are. And when it's dark, use the power station's integrated LED flashlight as a light source or torch.

For on the go: the camping power station from MSW

With the portable inverter generator, your electrical appliances are always optimally connected. Use three USB ports to charge your devices normally, one USB port offers you a fast charging function with 5 - 9 V and maximum 18 W. In addition, there is a powerful USB-C port with 5 V. 9 V available. Or fall back on the five 3.5 mm DC connections, which deliver a maximum of 15 A at a voltage of 9 - 12.6 V. The AC connection with a voltage of 110 - 240 V with 200/300 W, mean you can use it effectively anywhere in the world.

The necessary power for your devices is provided by the high-quality lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 222 Wh inside the power pack. You charge it via a mains adapter or use the solar panel to bring the battery power back up to 100 %. The LCD display informs you about the charging status and the charging power of the outputs at any time and allows you to set all parameters. The solar panel consists of 4 parts that you can easily transport when folded. Each offers 30 W of power (18 V /1.67 A) and you connect them to the power station or other devices via 3 USB outputs (2 x 5 V, 3 A; 1 x Quick Charge 12 V, 2 A) or a DC output (18 V / 5 A).

The lithium-ion battery used is maintenance-free, safe and environmentally friendly. The use of the portable power plant is made even safer by the clever overload and underload management, which protects against short circuits, high and low currents, overvoltage and undervoltage, as well as against overloading and overheating of the unit.