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Item: EX20061371


Model: MSW-MTC-350

Factory second tyre changer machine - manual - 14-17 inches - Ø12.7 /Ø15.9 / Ø19 / Ø24 mm

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  • Simple—manual operation by just one person
  • Durable—thanks to robust Steel construction
  • Universal—suited for different types of tyres from 14-17 inches
  • Safe—can be securely mounted on the floor for stability
  • Efficient—optimises tyre removal and fitting, saving time


The manual tyre changer machine for universal use with a variety of tyres

The tyre changer machine from MSW enables you to remove a tyre from its rim and replace it with a new tyre without any physical exertion. The machine is easy to use and is suited for both large and thin tyres. When it comes to releasing wheels from rims, this machine is a proven powerhouse. The tyre machine suited for use in professional workshops and in your garage at home.

The machine's power makes it easy to release and remove tyres from rims

With the tire changing machine, tyres from 14-17 inches can be easily removed or re-fitted. Thanks to the well thought-out design, operation is extremely simple and can easily be carried out by one person. First, the tyre is removed from the rim with the bead breaker. Thanks to the long lever, this step can be done with minimal effort. Then both are fixed to the base with Ø12.7 /Ø15.9 / Ø19 / Ø24 mm mountings and the tyre is detached from the rim. To prevent the tire changer machine from rotating on its own axis, it can be securely mounted on the floor. To mount a tyre on a rim, simply follow the steps in reverse order.

Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and the robust Steel construction, the tyre changer machine withstands even the toughest applications and convinces with a long service life. Optimise the removal and fitting of tyres and save time with the tyre changer machine from MSW!

Tip: The rims can be loosened more easily if they are sprayed with glass cleaner beforehand.