Our factory seconds are generally refurbished customer returns or former display items. The products may have cosmetic defects but are technically flawless. As usual, we provide the normal right of return and warranty.

Item: EX20061601


Model: MSW-STC-250

Factory second Polystyrene Cutter - 250 W - up to 600 °C

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  • Precise – cleanly cuts through polystyrene insulation boards and panels up to 250 mm thick
  • Fast – stepless temperature up to up to 600 °C adjustment via control knob
  • Handy – compact construction and 3 m-long cable provide maximum freedom of movement
  • Effective – hardened blade and quick blade change
  • Versatile – smooth cuts in insulation materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), etc.


Smooth cuts with the styrofoam cutter from MSW

The styrofoam cutter MSW-STC-250 from MSW is ideal for use in cutting building insulation, for detailed work such as making cable or pipe cut-outs, fine cuts in model making, and more. The powerful professional tool can be used for both commercial and professional use and impresses with reliable and safe handling, high-quality results and exceptional working comfort.

The handy foam cutting tool with up to up to 600 °C

Thanks to high temperatures of up to up to 600 °C, which can be infinitely adjusted via a rotary control, the polystyrene cutter glides effortlessly and with little resistance through insulation materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) or extruded polystyrene (XPS). Warehouses also benefit from the properties of the MSW-STC-250, as polystyrene sheets can be cut or profiled to fit goods precisely and securely into boxes.

Styrocutters melt the material at the interface and thus create an exact cut through the material. Right before cutting, the blade gets heated to the required temperature. Consequently, it effortlessly glides through polystyrene, all the while leaving absolutely clean cutting edges. The maximum cutting temperature of the MSW-STC-250 is 600 °C, ensuring fast heating within seconds.

The ergonomic one-handed handle and the generous cable length (3 m) enable particularly flexible working. In addition, the professional tool from the craft supplies sector is extremely compact, lightweight and robust. The included blade is specially hardened and can easily be replaced with an Allen key.

In addition to the MSW-STC-250 polystyrene cutter, you also receive a comprehensive range of accessories: one straight blade (265 mm), a brush for cleaning and an Allen key for quickly changing the blade. All components can be easily stored and transported in the included case.