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Factory second LED Dent Repair Light - 32 x 15 cm - flexible arm

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  • Highly visible—reflection of LED lines reveal even the smallest dents
  • Large—32 x 15 cm reflector
  • Protective—gentle on paint thanks to suction cup
  • Flexible—very pliable 37 cm-long arm
  • Simple—easy-to-use lamp


Shows every dent without mercy! The clever LED dent repair light

Whether stone dents or hail damage, smaller dents in particular are often difficult to detect in the paintwork of cars, motorcycles and trucks. The practical LED dent repair light MSW-DENTPULLER.L01 from MSW, the experts for high-quality professional tools, makes even the most inconspicuous dent visible! The lamp also shows you where you may need to make corrections after dent removal.

Garage equipment for professionals—the flexible LED dent repair lamp from MSW

The suction cup on the 37-cm-long flexible arm enables you to fasten the dent removal light to the metal without damaging the paint. Position the 3.94 W LED dent repair reflector on the bonnet, fender or roof. The reflection of the glowing lines on the paint immediately reveals possible dents: Anywhere the reflected lines appear curved rather than straight indicates a deformation in the sheet metal.

The 32 x 15 cm LED paintless dent repair light is as simple as it is brilliant, and very easy to use! Save a lot of valuable working time in the search for dents. The resilient acrylic glass dent repair light is a must-have in any automotive workshop or hobbyist's garage. Tip: You can find lots more dent repair tools such as dent lifters, slide hammers, crossbar lifters or dent pullers in MSW's product range.