Dent Puller Spot Welder with workbench - 4200A

item number: EX10060444 / Model: S-SPOTTER 4200

Dent Puller Spot Welder with workbench - 4200A

  • item number: EX10060444
  • Model: S-SPOTTER 4200
  • In the product range since: 2017
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Dent Puller Spot Welder with workbench - 4200A

Highlights & Key Facts


  • For pulling dents and bumps from car chassis
  • For car repair shops and paint shops
  • 3 welding current settings with up to 4200A
  • Effective dinging hammer with hook
  • Easy to swap attachments
  • Digital, intuitive to operate touch-control panel
  • Three welding stages (low/medium/high)
  • LED-Voltage display
  • Automatic and manually adjustable settings
  • Undercarriage with two shelves
  • Extensive accessories


Dent Puller Spot Welder with workbench - 4200A

Nobody is happy, when there is a dent in their car! The professional dent puller S-SPOTTER 4200 by MSW remedies this - with 400V. Even more complicated car body damage on the chassis can be easily removed, as the dent puller comes fully equipped with many helpful accessories. It is an indispensable device in any car repair shop or paint shop for straightening out bumps and dents.


The chassis spotter operates mainly via spot welding. Discs or dinging stars are welded precisely onto the tin bulge, in order to straighten out the damaged area with a high-speed dinging hammer. The dent puller S-SPOTTER 4200 has three different settings and a timer. This means that it adjusts to many different needs.


The supplied attachments allow you to weld triangular or round washers, pins, screws and corrugated wire onto the damaged area and straighten the dents out with a dinging claw or a hook.


The precise settings can be adjusted via a rotary knob, quickly and efficiently. In the automatic mode, the welding current goes up to 4,200 A in a predetermined timeframe. In the manually adjusted mode, the welding current can be set independently from the timeframe. You can choose a welding period between 0.2-2 seconds. The LED-display helps you to always keep the voltage in check.


The dent puller has a welding gun with attachments for carbon electrodes, washers or pins and a dinging hammer. This ensures that many different tasks can be carried out. The cable assembly has a length of 1.75m to ensure that you can move around freely. The same applies to the ground cable, which has a length of 1.6m.


The workbench stands on 4 wheels, two of which are freely moveable. The device and its accessories can be placed onto two storage areas. The extensive accessories can be stowed into the case that is included in the delivery.

Technical Details

Item number
400V / 2 stages
Rated input power
Output voltage
12 V
Rated input current
47 A
Max. welding current
Welding current setting
Welding strength
Time settings
Length, cable welding gun
Length, ground cable
Measurements (LxWxH)
61,5 x 48,5 x 94 cm
51 kg
Transportation measurements (LxWxH)
62 x 54 x 88 cm
Transportation weight
75 kg

Additional Information

Component parts (as follows): 6321, 6322, 6323, 6324, 6325, 6326, 6327, 6328

Delivery Package

  • Dent Puller Spot Welder S-SPOTTER 4200
  • Multifunctional gun, incl. 1.75m cable
  • Ground cable, 1.6m
  • Dinging hammer
  • Carbon electrode connection
  • 3X carbon electrodes
  • Disc attachment
  • Attachments for dinging stars
  • 10X dinging stars
  • 15X washers, 10mm
  • 15X washers, 12mm
  • Manual attachment for suction cup
  • Wrench
  • Hook for pulling
  • Toolbox
  • Instruction manual