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Discover our safe and effective craft supplies from MSW Motor Technics

Whatever your trade, every successful business-owner knows that investing in safe and effective tools and supplies for your workforce is an unmissable step in offering great service and achieving a growing client-base. For manufacturers, constructors, craftsmen, plumbers, and repairs professionals, our wide range of craft supplies from the experts at MSW Motor Technics have something that will fit your budget and give you great results.

Great results at home and on the job!

The MSW Motor Technics range offers low-cost, high-performance craft supplies for a wide variety of tasks. MSW Motor Technics pride themselves on using high-quality materials which guarantee maximum safety and longevity. Rigorously tested and intuitively designed, many of the tools in the MSW range can be used with minimal prior experience, so whether you are equipping your business as a professional or simply investing as a home-user, you’ll find a solution that is kind to your budget and offers great results. MSW Motor Technics are renowned for their innovation in plumbing and drainage equipment, offering a wide range of drain cleaning tools for both indoor and outdoor use. For plumbing and maintenance professionals, MSW offer an impressive range of drain cleaning machines. Our most affordable drain cleaning machine is the light and compact MSW-DRAIN CLEAN 2.3E. As our most lightweight model, it’s particularly easy to transport for call-outs or when working in hard-to-access areas. The powerful cleaning coil is 16mm in diameter and reaches up to 14.7m in length. And for professionals looking for an expert drain cleaning machine, discover the MSW-POWER DRAIN CLEAN 4.6, designed to tackle even the most stubborn contamination with its powerful 110W engine. Each of our plumbing snake cables is modular, reaching up to 18.6m in length. Crafted with robust steel coils, they are highly flexible, coping even with narrowly bending pipes without breaking or twisting.

For experts and home-users alike, MSW Motor Technics also specialise in quality manual draining tools. These convenient manual devices are ideal for tackling heavily clogged toilets and drainpipes, as well as sinks and bathtubs. And for a useful addition to your cleaning and maintenance supplies, MSW Motor Technics also offer intuitive drain cleaning pumps. Suitable even for beginner users, quickly unblock toilets and sinks using the power of water-suction. Our cheapest model of drain cleaning pump has a diameter of 70mm, which can be adapted to fit the manner of blockage and drain. MSW Motor Technics are not only experts in plumbing supplies. Their quality range features craft supplies for construction, automotive repairs and more! Another exciting offer is their range of polystyrene cutters and accessories. These versatile tools can be used to cut a range of polymer materials at relatively low melting temperature - ideal for working with plastic piping, insulation and foamboard. The MSW polystyrene cutters deliver a clean, quick cut, helping you to save time and get the best results from your project. Take a look at our cheapest polystyrene cutter from MSW Motor Technics - the STYRO CUTTER 02. This powerful, handheld device is lightweight and extremely ergonomic to use, with a 3m cable offering you plenty of room to manoeuvre. With 250 W power, the device reaches an impressive maximum temperature of 580 C, which can be dynamically adjusted without disrupting your work process. As well as various models of polystyrene cutters, you can also optimise your device with a set of polystyrene cutter accessories. Suitable for use with each of our cutter models, you can adjust with blade attachments of 20, 27 and 34 mm in diameter. Each grooved attachment is highly robust and can even be bent if necessary. Whatever your trade, there’s a lot more to discover in our MSW Motor Technics range, from drills and drainage devices, to cutters, sanders, rotary hammers and more. Discover the full range today!