Laundry Sorter

They say a great hotel or restaurant will always offer service with a smile. But anyone working in the service industry knows that it’s often what the customer doesn’t see, that keeps a well-oiled business booming. Whether in a five-star resort or a country B&B, laundry is one of those inevitable daily tasks that is crucial to a smooth service. With the help of a professional laundry sorter from Royal Catering, you can ensure that it’s always done with speed, discretion and efficiency.

Another day, another load!

A laundry sorter can help to save you time and effort when collecting linen and laundry, while maintaining professional hygiene standards. For hotels and hospitals, it’s the ideal solution for gathering sheets and bedlinen that must be changed every day to meet health and safety demands. For a restaurants and caterers, the laundry sorter is a great solution for collecting loads of table cloths, tea-towels and seat covers. Even in laboratories, factories and workshops, it’s a useful addition to your industrial equipment for collecting protective overalls and aprons. And in gyms and sports facilities, say goodbye to heaps of dirty towels and sports-gear in one quick load. The laundry sorter is even ideal for private homes, especially for large families and B&B’s. In our range of stainless steel furniture, we’ve got selection of laundry trolleys that can withstand up to 250L of materials. Our cheapest laundry sorter can carry loads of 200L of laundry, and is ideal for smaller hotels and facilities. The rubberised bag is waterproof, making it ideal for collecting wet linens. And its stainless steel frame is robust and easy to clean. The convenient lobster clasps make it easy to remove and change your laundry bag, for cleaning if necessary. With its four low-friction rubber wheels, transporting your laundry sorter is smooth and quiet. Two of the wheels feature a brake system which can be easily locked or unlocked using the operators’ feet.

Our stainless steel range:

No matter how great or small the task, we believe that stainless steel is the professional choice when it comes to investing in craft supplies or industrial equipment. As well as our laundry sorter options, we’ve got elegant designs in our full range of stainless steel trolleys for food displays, trays, and dish collection, perfect for adding an extra slice of efficiency to your next table service. When it comes to storage solutions, stainless steel is robust and hardwearing. Amongst our stainless steel cupboards, we feature wall hanging cabinets, wide worktops, and even sink cabinets – ideal for restaurants and laboratories. Stainless steel is also a top choice in any professional kitchen when it comes to slicing and preparing ingredients. In our range of catering equipment you’ll find stainless steel meat-mincers and potato slicers, featuring high quality, protected blades that will save you precious time when preparing meals and help you to uphold food-safety standards. For cleaning and waste-management, stainless steel is a favourite once again. Amongst our useful hygiene supplies, you’ll find stainless steel hand dryers and soap dispensers. And our stainless steel rubbish bins are ideal for kitchens, hospitals, and labs – anywhere that hygiene is a priority. It’s clear to see why professionals choose stainless steel for its durability and hygiene benefits. As well as this, our entire stainless steel range boasts a sleek and minimal finish, so whether you’re looking into a new laundry sorter or a whole set of stainless steel shelves, you know they will certainly complement each other’s style. Check out the full online Expondo catalogue for more catering, craft and industrial equipment ideas.