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For the quality and safety of every dish, storage is high on every chef’s list of priorities. Whether you’re serving up hot dinners or cool drinks, it is always a battle against the clock to keep food at the right temperature and looking fresh. Failing to manage this can lead to poor presentation, spoil the taste, and worst of all, can be the cause of major health hazards that every chef wants to avoid. A quality isothermal container is just the right catering equipment for keeping dishes hot or cold over long periods of time.


Serve your dishes at the perfect temperature with an isothermal container

If you’re a culinary professional, you’ll know all about the hours of prep that go into serving food before it reaches your hungry customers. It’s vital to insure that nothing is spoiled while you carry on with the day’s tasks. An isothermal container is suitable for all types of restaurants from cafés to caterers, and is especially suited to food trucks and market stalls where you need to maintain temperature levels on the move and in varying weather conditions. Even in private homes, you’ll be topped up with tea or mulled wine, depending on the occasion!

In our range we stock two main types of isothermal container; a box for food and a cylinder with drain tap for drinks. At events such as weddings and conferences, an entire day’s worth of hot and cold drinks are often required. Our isothermal container with a drain tap is perfect for safe and easy transport of up to 20 litres of hot or cold liquids. From steaming coffees to iced lemonade, long-term quality is assured with a temperature loss of only six degrees per hour. When it comes to transporting food, the Bartscher Thermo transport isothermal container is doubled walled for added insulation and features a wide temperature range of between -20 and 120 degrees. From iced sorbets to hot jalfrezis, every bite will be served to perfection. With 22 litres of space, you can stack your choice of GN containers for individual dishes.

If you can’t take the heat

An isothermal container is a practical solution to uphold quality and food safety standards, both in the kitchen and on the move. With all of our culinary and craft supplies as well as our industrial tools we know that maintaining safety and hygiene standards is a priority. Each isothermal container is designed with durable and smooth exteriors to ensure easy clean-up and minimise risk of damage. The drinks container is lidded with four snap fasteners and a silicone gasket to protect against spillage, and its manually operated tap protects against the risks of handling hot liquids. In our wide range of heating equipment, we cater for your kitchen’s specific needs. For a guaranteed pick-me-up, our cup warmers for hot drinks in hot buffets ensure that every drop tastes as freshly brewed as the last. And our hot beverage dispensers enable you to serve up to 223 cups of hot beverages (smaller models available), without having to refill.

When it comes to hot food, there’s nothing worse than serving up a lukewarm dish. Our convenient infrared heaters ensure that every dish comes out looking hot and fresh, buying you precious minutes to add any finishing touches without worrying about temperature loss. In our wide range of grills you’ll find great options for grilling burgers and Paninis, and roasting tender rotisserie chickens. Keeping cold dishes and fresh ingredients cool is a breeze with our full range of commercial fridges. In the end it’s all about what you present to your customers. Whether you’re keeping your dishes cool or piping hot, with an isothermal container you can rest assured that temperature loss won’t be cause for complaint.