Industrial Equipment

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When choosing industrial supplies, the make-or-break factors are precision, safety and results. When you’re working with valuable substances, products and ingredients, it’s important to measure carefully and keep precise records, whether you’re valuing, weighing, cleaning, drying, or melting to reach precise temperatures – it all comes down to that final decimal. Featuring a range of precision scales, melting furnaces, and ultrasonic cleaners, our range of professional industrial equipment will ensure that even the smallest task is completed accurately.

Safe and Precise Industrial Equipment for Labs, Factories and more

Our range of industrial equipment is suitable across a wide range of professions, workspaces and tasks. For laboratories, school chemistry classes, and medical facilities, science professionals will benefit from our precise measuring, cleaning and drying solutions. For kitchens, factories, delivery services, and retailers, our range of scales are ideal for weighing stock and ingredients. And for jewellers and precious metal traders, heating and working with precious metals has never been easier with our melting furnaces and ultrasonic cleaners. Our range of highly efficient ultrasonic cleaners provide thorough and fast cleaning solutions at great prices. Tested to provide great results in labs and factories, these ultrasonic cleaners from the cleaning experts at Ulsonix are trusted by businesses worldwide. Using high-powered ultrasonic waves, the ingenious devices are designed for cleaning detailed and fragile objects such as antiques, jewellery, coins, and surgical equipment at a microscopic level. From the industrial equipment experts at Steinberg Systems, we also bring you a versatile range of precision scales, in many sizes and capacities. Precise and durable scales are vital in kitchens, labs, factories and beyond. Our table-top precision scales are a great addition to industrial equipment in labs and kitchen, for accuracy of as little as .001kg – the ideal addition to your professional catering supplies in restaurants for weighing ingredients or for butchers to value each portion of meat. Our crane scales are ideal in factories and delivery services, for weighing stock and materials of up to 10 tonnes. For measuring bulky equipment and materials (for instance on farms, construction sites etc.), our platform scales have a broad weighing platform for easy access. We even feature a rolling platform scales for easy transport around your workspace.

Weigh, measure, heat, dry, and clean!

For jewellers and traders in precious metal, our melting furnaces are an efficient and reliable way to melt and work with metal materials, creating beautiful jewellery and crafts that will stand the test of time. In our range of industrial equipment, you can choose melting furnaces with a capacity choice of 1, 2, or 3 kilograms, depending on your production needs. Our melting furnaces are made with sturdy, heat-resistant graphite, and reach a maximum temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius – ideal for working with all precious metals such as gold, silver and copper. All products found in our range of industrial equipment are designed to last and give you years of return of investment. Built with sturdy materials such as stainless steel, our products are resistant to dents and scratches, as well as being easy to clean. On top of that, our industrial equipment is rigorously tested to meet safety standards, so your lab, factory, or kitchen will be a safer workspace for you and your staff. At Expondo, we understand that not all jobs take place within the walls of a workspace. For those of you working out on the road or farm, our powerful road winches from our range of craft supplies are a strong choice! With a maximum traction force of 6,124kg, they are a convenient and reliable solution to moving cars, trailers, jeeps and machinery. Wherever you work, strength, precision and safety is key.