Induction Wok

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Looking for a new appliance for your kitchen that will spice up your usual cuisine choices? Or are you a restaurant owner that wants to upgrade some of the equipment you’ve been using? Adding a versatile induction wok hob to the mix might be just the appliance you’re looking for! These induction wok hobs are perfect for commercial kitchens or private use at home when entertaining guests, just like all of our products made by Bartscher.


Extremely versatile induction wok hob for any kitchen.

- Great for both domestic and commercial uses. - Ideal for caterers or food trucks. - Quick and easy to whip up a meal. - Broaden your culinary options!

If you’re stuck in a culinary rut and find yourself making the same few dishes over and over again, you might want to think about picking up an induction wok hob to change things up a bit! These robust stainless-steel models look great and are just as easy to clean once the food has been prepared. The same can be said for all of our commercial cooking equipment! These induction wok hobs also come with smart heating technology that makes sure they’re safe to use and there’s no risk of accidentally touching hot hobs and burning yourself. If you’ve stumbled upon us while looking for great catering equipment and found our induction wok hob there, you know how important safety is in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with heat from a waffle maker, one of our bestsellers, or if you’re making sure the pump is working on the crowd favorite chocolate fountains; the need for safe functioning equipment is a must. With these safety options in mind, you’ll feel great about these purchases once you lay eyes on their smart modern stylings and precise digital displays for complete control over your cooking. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a novice chef, you’ll be able to bring these induction wok hobs with you to those outdoor festivals or camping trips with family and friends. Just don’t forget to bring an outdoor umbrella that's ideal for those summer months so you can enjoy your meal in the shade!

Great for caterers and adventurous cookers alike!

- Anyone is able to learn some new tricks in the kitchen with these appliances. - Durable stainless-steel blades built for repeated use. - Great for whipping up a variety of stove top dishes. - Simply a joy to cook with!

When looking for quality products like our induction wok hob, just know that you can find a bunch of professional tools that will meet all the repair needs you have around your business or home, as well. We continue to see a growing number of consumers looking for industrial equipment, and we’ve got them covered too. All of the products we have on offer are made with attention to detail, and our induction wok hobs have all the bells and whistles you could need when you’re cooking up your next meal. And you’ll love using these great looking appliances every time you see them in the kitchen. Just because you bought that awesome sausage maker for your catering business doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy at the same time! Finding new ways to cook up healthy meals in an induction wok hob will have you searching the internet for new healthy meals for family and friends. It’s never too late to get adventurous with your cuisine choices, and sometimes picking up a new appliance is just the push you need to get going in a new direction. So, pick out the right induction wok hob for you and get cooking!