Item: EX10090645


Model: HT-YS-600

Weed Sweeper - 3000 W - 2790 rpm - 68 cm -EU 5

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  • Intuitive – easy to use with its long handle
  • Versatile – clears litter, dirt, light snow and removes moss and weeds
  • Powerful – brush with 12 plastic brushes and 6 steel brushes rotates at fast 2790 rpm
  • Environmentally friendly – removes weeds without adding chemicals
  • Manoeuvrable – thanks to 14" large ball bearing wheels
  • Safe – special protective cover complies with CE standard and allows safe operation


The powerful 2790 rpm electric weed sweeper

Say goodbye to weeds - without any chemicals. Conveniently remove moss and dirt with the manoeuvrable weed sweeper from hillvert. The brush head of the petrol-powered machine rotates at 2790 rpm and makes it easier for you to clean paved driveways and walkways. Simply start it with the cable and guide it comfortably like a lawn mower.

Manoeuvre with ease while on the move, with the electric weed killer from hillvert

The weed sweeper is particularly manoeuvrable thanks to its 350 mm ball bearing wheels. The 9 powerful brush bundles on the weed killer reliably remove moss and wild weeds as well as young grass from joints. Just guide the machine in front of you. The electric weed brush can also remove light snow, litter and dirt from your walkways. The brush is very robust and durable. If the bristles shorten with wear, lower the brush head slightly. This way, all of the bristles touch the ground again and can reliably clean the pavement.

The powerful weeding machine with a 173 cm³capacity is extremely user-friendly, so you can start using it quickly. Unit is manually controlled. The 96 cm long handle is made of robust nylon and fits comfortably in your hand. It is designed so that you can work upright, which relieves strain on your shoulders and back.

The motorised weed remover has a high-quality finish and enables you to work safely. A plastic cover protects the motor and prevents it from being damaged by flying dirt particles. The engine is also air-cooled to prevent overheating.