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Model: HT-COSTIGAN-2500

Solar irrigation system - {{number_of_sections}} Dripper - 5 m hose

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  • Effective - supply up to 25 plants daily with sufficient water
  • cost-efficient - only needs sunlight as it is powered by a solar panel with 1.6 W is operated
  • powerful - pump sucks water from a depth of 2 m and distributes it to a height of 3 m
  • adjustable - select the optimum watering duration: 1 or 5 min/24 h; 2 or 8 min/48 h; 3 or 12 min/72 h
  • flexible - hose length of 5 m brings the water where it is needed


The solar irrigation system transports water with solar power!

You have neither a water nor an electricity connection and want to water your plants effectively? With the solar irrigation system from hillvert this is child's play! It is powered by a solar panel that charges a battery when the sun shines. The pump fetches the water from a container such as a rain barrel. You just have to make sure that it is always sufficiently filled with water. And best of all: the irrigation works fully automatically.

Water for up to 25 plants: The automatic solar irrigation makes it possible!

The drippers that bring the water to the plant are inserted into the 5 m long hose using T-pieces. Thanks to 25 drippers, you supply up to 25 plants with the irrigation system. Attach the drippers to the soil with small hooks. Guide the pump into the water tank, which feeds the water into the hose. Use the control unit to select the watering time: 1 or 5 min/24 h; 2 or 8 min/48 h; 3 or 12 min/72 h. Once the solar panel has charged the battery, the irrigation is carried out fully automatically according to the selected time.

The pump is extremely powerful and draws water even from tanks up to 2 m deep. For example, you make optimal use of your rainwater from your water barrel. If the garden has slight slopes, this is also no problem. The pump transports the water up to a height of 3 m. The pump is powered by a battery that the solar panel fully charged in just 6-8 hours of sunshine. With watering times of 12 min every 72 h, sufficient power is thus available at all times.