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Model: HT-HECTOR-120A

Petrol shredder on trailer - 15 PS - 100 mm

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  • mobile - easy transport thanks to construction on trailer with two large, inflatable wheels as well as trailer coupling
  • Powerful – 15 hp petrol engine with a cutting speed of 3600 rpm shreds branches with a diameter of up to 100 mm
  • Flexible - ejection hopper adjustable and aligned to the front, large feed hopper ensures effortless filling
  • enduring - 6.5 l petrol tank enables uninterrupted work for 1 h and 15 min
  • Stable – support element provides a secure stand for the robust steel construction


Shred your garden cuttings with the petrol garden shredder from hillvert

Want to bring your shrubs, hedges or trees back into shape? But where to put the cuttings? hillvert offers you with the petrol shredder HT-HECTOR-120A the optimal solution for your gardening needs and reduces the volume of your garden waste by 70 to 80%. Use the chopped mulch for composting or covering pumpkins, courgettes or other plant beds.

The mobile garden shredder on a trailer

The powerful 4-stroke engine of the petrol-powered garden shredder with 15 HP, can even shred branches and prunings with a diameter of up to 100 mm via the large feed hopper. You can also shred leaves or flower cuttings quickly and efficiently. For a comfortable working posture, the ejection hopper is located opposite the feed hopper. The ejection is adjustable so that you can easily collect the shredded material in a bag or wheelbarrow.

Activate the efficient 15 petrol engine of the wood chipper with a cable. Allow yourself to be convinced by increased performance values with a cutting speed of 3600 rpm. With a consumption of 4.65 l/h, the garden shredder proves to be particularly cost-efficient. The fuel tank holds a total of 6.5 l, so you can work with the petrol shredder for more than 1 h and 15 min without interruption. 

The sturdy steel construction proves to be particularly durable and robust, so that you can also put the shredder under heavy strain during the season. The blades, made of hardened steel work just as reliably. For your safety, the shredder is equipped with a start/stop switch.

On the sturdy trailer with two large, air-filled wheels, you can transport the professional shredder quickly and conveniently with the aid of a tow bar. For longer distances, use the trailer hitch for your tractor. At the destination, place the garden shredder securely on the support elements.


  • When shredding, wear eye protection and gloves!
  • Watch out for the discharge chute. This should be free. If, for example, the collection bag is full, a jam may occur in the appliance!
  • The shredded material should not exceed a diameter of 100 mm!
  • Never reach into the shredder!