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Model: HT-ROBSON-SP750-85

Factory second Submersible Pump - 3,780 L/hr - 750 W

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  • Reliable—safe and comfortable operation via control console
  • High-performance—750 W motor enables optimum pump performance
  • Fast—maximum flow rate of 3,780 L/hr
  • Powerful—85 m head
  • Watertight—stainless steel housing prevents wear from corrosion


The reliable submersible pump for your water supply

The submersible pump from hillvert delivers water reliably and ensures the basic supply of water to your plants in the garden even during prolonged dry periods. The submersible pump with a diameter of 70 mm is ideal for boreholes and wells, but can also supply cisterns or easily overcome height differences in buildings. hillvert is your specialist for garden supplies, whose underwater pumps will ensure your garden irrigation.

The secure deep well pump with external control box

Thanks to the effective motor, the pump works with a maximum flow rate of 3,780 L/hr. The powerful motor is powered by 750 W, thereby being able to reach 2,850 rpm. The well water pump can be lowered up to 20 m down to the water source thanks to the long power cord, and reaches a head of 85 m. The motor itself is hermetically sealed and thereby protected from pressure and water.

You can easily and conveniently operate the garden pump via a control box. The control console is also equipped with an overcurrent circuit-breaker which reliably protects the borewell submersible pump from damage. The submersible pump is suited for clean water with a maximum sand content of 0.25 % and a temperature of 60 °C, which makes it the perfect drinking water supply. The casing of the deep well pump is made of stainless steel, making it extremely resistant to corrosion and dirt. It can reliably withstand even the highest demands.