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Item: EX20090212


Model: HT-M-COMP-600

Factory second Garden Compost Bin - 600 L

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  • Spacious – 600 L volume provides plenty of space for all kinds of garden waste
  • Effective – drip irrigation and ventilation ensure even decomposition of garden waste
  • Safe – large lid with recess for a lock (not included) protects the valuable compost
  • Practical – side flap for removing the finished compost
  • Durable – resilient Polypropylene, sturdy hinges, and anchors provide the necessary stability


Garden waste becomes valuable nutrients in the garden compost bin

Whether leaves, lawn cuttings, or food waste – in the garden compost bin, waste is turned into valuable compost that provides the garden with numerous nutrients, allows flowers to bloom and vegetables to grow beautifully. Natural processes are effectively supported in the compost bin and provide the basis for a sustainably rich harvest.

Enhances the natural decomposition process: the garden composter with 600 L capacity

The garden composter consists of a large container made of durable Polypropylene in which garden waste can decompose effectively. The sturdy construction with a 600 L capacity is easy to assemble thanks to fixed hinges and can be fastened in the ground with hooks for a secure stand. The precious compost is protected by a lid which can be securely closed with a lock (not included).

The structure of the outer walls prevents animals from getting into the interior, where the garden waste is collected and recycled in a natural process. Ventilation slits and a drip irrigation system ensure the ideal conditions for leaves, grass clippings, and eggshells to slowly decompose and transform into nutrient-rich humus. The outdoor compost bin is equipped with flaps at ground level through which you can remove the enriched garden soil. With the garden composter, you can effectively turn waste into a nutrient-rich source for vigorous growth in your garden.

Gardening tip: If you want to compost twigs and branches, they should be chipped beforehand. To obtain nutrient-rich compost, "hard workers" such as fungi, bacteria or compost beetles and other small animals are welcome in the garden waste. Nettle manure or added cow manure can also help to transform garden waste into rich humus.