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If you’re decking out your kitchen then you can’t go wrong with a stove-top cooker. From quick, sizzling stir-fries to simmering one-top wonders, cooking on the hob opens your kitchen up to endless dishes from around the world. Our stainless steel range of gas range cookers from the food experts at Bartscher are available in free-standing or table-top unit, so there’s virtually one to fit any cooking space. With easy installation and a choice of natural and liquid gas jets, you can set the cooking parameters and get yourself ready to sizzle up a storm in no time!


Fresh, stove-top cooking with a gas range cooker

• Suitable for all kitchens • Made by Bartscher • Hardwearing • Free-standing or mountable • Easy to install • Wok fixture • Multiple burner options

A gas range cooker is an essential piece of catering equipment for virtually any kitchen. With a wide number of sizes to choose from, even compact kitchens can get the best cooking option. A gas range cooker is great for speedy , hands-on cooking, and with up to four burners in one device, it’s a great way to furnish large, industrious kitchens such as hotel restaurants and cafeterias. With each element visible and at arm’s reach, multitasking is made easy! Even caterers and street-food chef can make the best use of a gas range cooker. Our table-top models are easy to install on any flat surface, so you can set up your mobile kitchen to serve the masses. We choose Bartscher for many of our commercial cooking devices, we they are known for their sturdy stainless steel products and intuitive design. These stainless steel gas range cookers are hardwearing and will stand the test of time, as well as being easy to clean. The removable drip-collecting tray underneath the burner also makes our gas range cookers safe and easy to maintain. When working with heat and gas, safety is paramount! These gas range cookers are fitted with thermoelectrically safeguarded burners to avoid fires and accidents. And did we mention the removable wok cooker? Bartscher have fitted some of their gas range cookers with a removable wok pan, so you can achieve authentic Asian cooking for stir-fries, tempura, wontons and more. Speaking of Asian cooking, no kitchen should go without a commercial rice cooker, for a quick and fuss-free way to produce large batches of this staple side-dish. Pair with stir-fries, curries, chillies and more!

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• Cookware for any kitchen • Hardwearing • Easy to install • Space-saving • Food slicers • Mobile catering supplies

Are you looking to deck out your kitchen with effective cooking equipment that not only open up your cooking options but help you make the most of your workspace? We hear you! Working in any kitchen, especially a compact one, can get heated and you need equipment that will make your job easier. In our full range of commercial kitchen utensils, you’ll find plenty of ways to save time, energy, and essential counter-space while you cook. Our induction pots are designed to give you up to 50L of even cooking space for large batches of stove-top dishes, using up only one burner. That’s a whole lot of food in one spot. And our double-compartment frying pans allow you to cook two different dishes on the one pan. Instead of delicately slicing away on a counter-top, why not check out our range of easy-to-use food slicers, that take time and energy out of daily kitchen prep? Ideal for delis, simply set your desired thickness and produce delicate slices of cold cuts, cheeses, and more. What about those of you cooking in the open air? In our range of mobile catering devices you’ll find great options for markets, festivals, and fairs including our fun-filled popcorn maker. You see, the world really is your kitchen! Don’t forget, if you’re setting up your kitchen from scratch, there are plenty of great tools to help you out in our professional tools range, as well as a choice of versatile commercial scales in our industrial equipment section for measuring anything from spices to construction materials!