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Model: STAR_PFGS_01

Factory second Green Screen - roll-up - 135.5 x 199 cm

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  • Generous – canvas with a size of 135.5 x 199 cm
  • Professional – wrinkle-free and very low light reflection and therefore easy to illuminate
  • Fast – uncomplicated construction via a M
  • Stable –  free-standing on the feet integrated into the casing
  • Mobile – easy, space-saving and protective storage in the aluminium cassette with handle


Portable roll-up green screen for professional video or photo shoots

With the portable green screen STAR_PFGS_01, professional photo or video recordings can be taken, in real time or later via color-based image clearance (chroma or color keying) with background images and animations. Due to the low light reflection of the chromakey background, the motif can be very easily lighted. Involuntary shadows, which would impair the result, can thus be avoided without any great effort, and the resulting images will be highly professional.

The 135.5 x 199 cm green screen for special effects of the highest quality

In front of the 135.5 x 199 cm canvas made of wrinkle-free green Non-woven fabric (PET), photographs with perfect chrominance can be taken. Only make sure that there are no green color areas, as these would fade into the added background. The green screen background has a smooth-running M and is set up quickly and without complications. It can be rolled out completely or only up to a certain height. During use, the integrated feet ensure a secure stand so that the background green screen can be positioned freely in the room. 

After shooting, the green screen can be quickly rolled up again and stored in the aluminium cassette. Equipped with a carrying handle and made of ultra-light materials, this model is ideal for mobile use or when backgrounds only need to be replaced occasionally. The high-quality results make the green screen background ideal for professional photography. But it can also be used for private pictures and videos thanks to the uncomplicated illumination and the wrinkle-free material.