Food Vacuum Sealer

Freshness is the key to safer and tastier cooking. To protect and organise your ingredients, prolong its shelf life, and uncover a whole new method of cooking and marinating, look no further than a professional food vacuum sealer. These ingenious devices from expert culinary names like Royal Catering and Bartscher allow you to store meats, vegetable, herbs, and sauces in air-tight conditions over time to lock in taste and freshness. For professional chefs and home-kitchens, it’s time to seal the deal on great taste!

An Air-Tight Food Vacuum Sealer Locks in Freshness for Longer

Effective storage is the secret weapon of any well-run kitchen, not only to keep food fresh and organised, but to maintain the highest food safety standards. Clever storage solutions and labelling plays a vital role in this process. A food vacuum sealer is a no-brainer to add to your range of commercial catering supplies, no-matter where you cook. For large, busy kitchens, such as restaurants, cafeterias and hotel buffets, prepare and portion out each dish before the busy dinner run starts. For delis, butchers and gourmet food shops, sealing bags are the ideal quick and hygienic way to package orders of fresh food to go. For caterers and street-food vendors on the move, it’s never been easier to safely store and transport food from kitchen to site. And for home kitchens, with a food vacuum sealer, it’s never been easier to minimise food waste and keep your left-overs in the fridge or freezer, ready to reheat. Of course, we haven’t mentioned the ingenious cooking benefits of our food vacuum sealer range. Each air-tight package is ideal for marinating meats and vegetables before cooking, and can even be used even for gentle Sous Vide cooking. This classic cooking technique involves slow-poaching sealed food over time, preserving more nutrients and locking in a fuller taste. Our best value food vacuum sealer is the space-saving RCVG-28E from Royal Catering. With one simple technique, this compact food vacuum sealer keeps your food protected from dust and bacteria, by sucking all of the air out of the bag and closing it with a 3mm seal. The secure closing mechanism ensures that the bag is not damaged in the process.

Signed, sealed, delivered!

For industrious kitchens, our expert food vacuum sealer is this stainless steel model from Bartscher. With a digital display unit, you can adjust the sealing time and vacuum intensity of each portion, and even choose a special marinating function for preparing meats – the ideal addition to professional butchers equipment for grills, smoke-houses and meat-suppliers. Our food vacuum sealer range can be used with a variety of durable vacuum packaging bags. Why not invest in a handy roll of vacuum sealed bags, easy to dispense and suitable for cooking, freezing and storage? Our food packing bags are specifically designed to store food, liquids, and medicines to protect them against bacteria and moisture. That’s right, your food vacuum sealer can be used for a wide variety of purposes outside of the kitchen. It’s an ingenious addition to industrial supplies in labs, forensics or medical facilities, for keeping medicines and other substances stored and protected over time. Your food vacuum sealer can even be used to store and protect electronic devices, cosmetics and other professional tools, particularly during transport, when there’s risk of coming into contact with water. As you can see, there’s more to a food vacuum sealer than meets the eye, and it can be used across a wide variety of industries and homes. Wherever you work, remember that you can’t put a price on ingenious storage!