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Drying is one of the oldest methods of preparing and preserving food. Before the days of fridges, freezers, and modern packaging, drying was a way to keep food stocks up throughout the seasons and while travelling long distances. The steady drying method eliminates moisture, inhibits bacteria from growing, and locks in taste and nutrients. While technologies and tastes have certainly changed, drying food is still a well-loved cooking practice in restaurants, cafes, delis, and even at home. With a food dehydrator from the cooking experts at Royal Catering, this age-old technique is at your fingertips!


Choose a food dehydrator for drying fruit, veg, meat, fish, and herbs

Our food dehydrator range from Royal Catering allows you to prepare healthy, dried food in professional kitchens, cafes and bars to create delicious bite-sized snack, home-made muesli, flavourful salad toppings and more. It’s also a fantastic addition to your butchers and deli equipment, to create home-cured meats and jerkies. Drying food is also becoming an ever-more popular hobby for home-chefs! Luckily a food dehydrator can be used by professionals and amateurs alike. Health, fitness, and outdoors enthusiasts will love to create home-prepared fruits that give you vital energy to hike and work-out for longer. Better still, dried food is lighter and takes up less space than fresh alternatives, so you can pack an extra day into your next camping trip! Operating the food hydrator is simple, even for beginners: Simply layout your desired ingredients on the dedicated drying tiers, set your temperature and timing, and away you go. Reaching mild temperatures of between 30 and 68 degrees C, and operating for up to 40 hours, water is extracted from food items making them edible and durable for a much longer time. From apple and banana chips, to tasty beef jerky and ‘sundried’ tomatoes, snack time has never been so healthy! In our food dehydrator range, you can choose between four devices, depending on your needs. Our cheapest food dehydrator is ideal for new hobbyists, and offers six separate drying tiers made of washable plastic. Our expert food dehydrator features ten durable, woven stainless steel drying shelves, and a digital display which will advise you on which settings are suitable for which food types. The ergonomic handles on the sides ensure an easy transportation, especially useful for caterers who move from site to site.

From banana chips to beef jerky!

In our range of commercial equipment, we are always one step ahead (and one step behind) in the cooking process! When it comes to prepping, chopping, cooking, serving, and cleaning up, we’re with you every step of the way. To prepare your foods before drying, our range of fruit and vegetable choppers are ideal for creating bite sized portions before adding them to your food dehydrator. Use our stainless-steel cutters to create chips, spirals, juliennes, and slices. Each of our professional food slicers is made of durable stainless steel, designed to remain sharp and sturdy for years, to give you a clean and even cut, with every use. Stainless steel is not only a favourite in the kitchen but across the entire Expondo, range from our craft supplies to our heavy duty industrial equipment. Resistant to wear and dents, and easy to clean and sanitise, it’s a professional’s choice, wherever you work! Speaking of stainless steel, butchers and deli-owners will love our range of high-quality meat slicers – the perfect way to prep your portions of meat when making jerky in your food dehydrator. Finally, when it comes to storing your dried fruit, veg, and meats, our range of vacuum sealers are perfect for dividing and displaying each portion for your customers, and are ideal for carrying your dried snacks on hikes and vacations.