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In busy restaurants, cafes and catering operations, it always good to equip yourself with versatile catering equipment that allows you to multitask and enhances your workflow. Electric griddles are a useful staple in all manner of kitchens, allowing you to tackle several dishes at once, keeping clean-up to a minimum, and even helping you to reduce the need for excess oils and fats. Grill burgers, sausages, pancakes, and eggs as well as healthy chicken, fish and veggies. It’s fast and delicious cooking, the healthy way!


Electric griddles are the key to smart, efficient cooking - the healthy way

No matter where you cook, a small café, a take-away kiosk, a busy restaurant, or even a grand hotel buffet, the key to smart cooking is the same. Investing in efficient equipment that helps you save time, increase production, and maintain safety standards insures better food and a happier workforce. Our range of electric griddles from expert cooking names such a Royal Catering are suitable for a wide range of kitchen needs. Our basic electric griddle model is a compact 50 x 52 cm unit by Royal Catering. Each of the electric griddles from our full range of cooking devices is manufactured from high quality stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The hot plates are made of robust materials such as cast iron, and with powerful heating element, each device quickly reaches the high temperatures (up to 300 degrees C) needed for perfectly grilled dishes. The splash-protection at the back and sides, and removable drawer below means that clean-up and drainage is quick and easy. For larger kitchens, you can choose from electric griddles of up to 100cm – plenty of space to cook several dishes at once. The intuitive temperature control and clear digital power signals not only eases the cooking process dish by dish, but makes your kitchen a safer and more efficient workspace for all. Open up your menu to a wide array of healthy food options for breakfast lunch and dinner. And for expert kitchen, our additional grill attachments transform our electric griddles into the perfect devices for toasties, paninis, quesadillas, and burgers.

When fast food is healthy food

As well as our electric griddles, we’ve got plenty more high-temperature gadgets in our full selection of grills. Choose from multi-purpose fryers, rotisserie ovens, and lava rock grills for super-hot temperatures and that delicious barbeque taste. In our range of contact grills, you’ll find compact, portable grilling devices that pack a punch; perfect toasted sandwiches, burgers, and more. Our contact grills are great for smaller kitchens as well as caterers on the go. Lock in that sumptuous, moist texture, with a crisp, grilled finish. Our electric griddles are a fantastic device for whipping up sausages, bacon and eggs for breakfast. What could be a better combination than a high-powered stainless steel catering toaster, to serve delicious, golden toast slices to the masses in restaurants, B and B’s, and hotel breakfast buffets? When it comes to serving hot food, the final test is often a fight against temperature. With our plate warmers to keep dishes warm throughout service, that will be the last worry on your mind. You might have noticed that we are big fans of stainless steel when it comes to cookware. From our electric griddles and toasters, to our mixers and counters, it’s our top choice when it comes to robust, long-lasting kitchenware. The same applies for our range of industrial equipment and our professional craft supplies. Because whether you’re working in a kitchen, construction site, workshop, or farm, we want your equipment to be a lasting investment for your business.