Electric Frying Pan

At Expondo, we are always looking for new ways to kit out your cooking space. But what happens when you need excellent cooking standards, outside of the four walls of the kitchen? Many chefs will relate to this dilemma, from caterers and cooking demonstrators to home-chefs looking to impress at parties and community events. For a high-powered, lightweight mobile cooking solution, suitable on all kinds of work surfaces, look no further than our electric frying pan range from Bartscher and Bredeco – great solution to cooking, serving, and keep dishes warm. Read on to find out why it’s a great addition your catering supplies.

An electric frying pan with the freedom to plug in and cook, anywhere!

• Ideal for catering • Glass lid for temperature regulation • Temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius • Deep design for high volumes of food • Lightweight and compact • Easy to clean

Not all cooking scenarios are suitable for a full-sized convection oven! Our lightweight electric frying pan range is ideal for a wide range of tricky cooking situations. Caterers at events, weddings, and conferences will certainly appreciate the power to cook, serve, pack-up, and go. It’s also a great solution for keeping dishes warm, displayed, and easy to access. For home chefs, it’s a very intuitive solution to a wide range of dishes. And even in traditional restaurants and cafes, it’s great to have a Teflon electric frying pan at hand, if you need an extra cooking surface on a busy day – simply keep it conveniently stored, and plug it in when necessary! The electric frying pan is suitable for a wide range of food types, such as veggies, steaks, burgers, pancakes, and eggs. With its deep design, it’s also great for bulkier dishes such as American style pizzas, paellas and more. We’ve got a wide range of sizes to choose from, each featuring a removable lid, which acts as a temperature regulator to lock in heat during service. The Teflon surface not only helps you cook with ease, but reduces cleaning time. Our electric frying pan range reaches cooking temperatures quickly and efficiently, offering a high temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius. With its slip-proof rubber feet, your electric frying pan can be used in any environment with plug access, even on awkward surfaces. Built with robust materials such as stainless steel and Teflon, the device is hardwearing and resistant to dents and scratches, so you can transport and use your electric frying pan with confidence, time after time.

Back to the kitchen

• A wide selection from global brands • Combi steamers for vegetables • High temperature pizza ovens • Slow cookers for tagines and more • Food smokers for unique flavours • A wide range of processing and maintenance supplies

Catering on the go requires compact gadgets like an electric frying pan. But back in a full-sized kitchen, there are not only cooking jobs to think of, but cleaning and maintenance too. Luckily, the Expondo range has you covered. To start, we have a huge range of cooking gadgets from expert brands such as Royal Catering. For a healthy cooking solution for salads and side dishes, our combi-steamers are great for prepping steamed vegetable in a matter of minutes. In fact, we’ve got specialised ovens, to fit every dish you could desire. Our pizza ovens give you the high temperatures needed to recreate the world’s favourite Italian dish, with a crisp, golden base and a sizzling topping. And for slow-cooked favourites like tagines and lamb shanks, look no further than our range of low-temperature cookers with excellent temperature regulation to bring out those unique textures and aromas. And for something really special, check out our professional food smokers, suitable with meat, vegetables and cheese, perfect for whipping up richly flavoured starters and appetisers. With food service, it’s often the work put in before and after the busy run that makes your business run smoothly. To help you process, weigh and price ingredients and deliveries, take a look at our professional scales from our range of industrial supplies. And for all your cleaning and maintenance needs, take a look at our range of professional tools kitted out with everything from draining tools to garage doors. For everything that happens within the four walls of your business.