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It’s true that a smooth-running kitchen needs the right equipment for each task. But it’s even better when one powerful device can tackle many tasks at once. A commercial grill one of the most versatile devices you can have in your kitchen, especially when it comes to multitasking. Suitable for meat, fish, veggies, eggs, and breaded dishes, our powerful grills from the food experts at Royal Catering helps you tackle several orders at once, optimising service and giving your business years of use from one clever investment. It’s time to make your kitchen go further.

Choose a commercial grill for perfectly cooked meat, fish and veggies

  • Healthier way of cooking
  • Acheive that delicious chargrilled flavour
  • Versatile product with multiple uses
  • Energy efficient models available

A classic commercial grill finds a home in a wide range of kitchen. For busy restaurants, cafeterias and hotel buffets, it helps you to stay organised when handling many orders at once. For compact cafes, food trucks and even market stall, they are an excellent compact device to help small kitchens spaces more efficient. And for caterers on the go, our light weight commercial grill units are convenient to pack away and transport from one location to the next. Even home kitchens are improved with the addition of a commercial grill – you’ll be cooking like the pros in no time! For cafes, restaurants, and fast food kiosks, serving up toasted sandwiches, paninis and burger has never been easier with one of our powerful contact grills for top and bottom grilling. For restaurants and breakfast buffets, whipping up batches sausages, eggs and pancakes is a breeze with one of our stainless steel grill plates. Choose from a wide range of sizes to suit your kitchen’s needs. And for a truly versatile purchase, you can quickly transform your commercial grill plate into a multi-purpose contact grill, with our handy grill attachments. A commercial grill is particularly useful for healthy/ clean eating, allowing you to use less oil and saturated fats. And when it comes to hygiene, our stainless steel commercial grill units are easy to wipe clean during use and deep clean without scratching or eroding. Each commercial grill is equipped with a convenient drainage device, so clean us is even quicker and easier, and for safety and cleanliness, added splash protection at the back and sides act as a spatter guard to avoid burns and stains. Last but not least in our commercial grill range, our high-powered broilers allow you to roast up to twelve delicious and even cooked rotisserie chickens. With their sleek, modern design, whichever commercial grill you choose will add an elegant, fuss-free style to your kitchen.

The choice is endless!

At Expondo, we understand that there’s far more to hot food than grilling! Whether you’re boiling, frying, simmering and barbequing, our full range of catering devices has you covered. Take a look through our wide selection of cooking gadgets, and see! For fast food restaurants and pizzerias, our powerful pizza ovens give you the perfect balance of temperature for a crisp, thin base and a delicious, bubbling cheesy topping. Our single and double deep fryers are perfect for spring rolls, chicken wings, doughnuts, churros, and more! And with our ingenious food smokers, you can slowly smoke meats and fish with a distinctive, delicate taste and texture. In our range of snack bar equipment, we have some great devices for whipping up fast-food favourites, from salamander grills for giving hot dishes that delicious grill finish, to roller-grills to prepare up to twenty sizzling sausages at once. And for those of you serving food on the go, our full range of market needs equipment has ingenious popcorn makers, crepe pans and candy floss machines. For prepping, storing, and displaying hot and cold dishes, look no further than our full range of stainless steel equipment for sturdy and hygienic shelves, trolleys, fridges, display units, and more. Finally, don’t forget that at Expondo, we cater of every need of your business – not just the kitchen. For all repairs, upgrades, and more, we’ve got you covered with our selection of professional craft supplies and versatile industrial equipment.