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They say coffee is a morning drink, but restaurant owners and caterers know that the caffeine craving can hit your customers at any time, and it’s always good to have a fresh batch on the brew. Whether you’re serving sleepy office commuters at 7am or treating your evening diners to an after-dinner coffee, with a coffee urn from our range of catering equipment you can be prepared for every order with the confidence that every cup is served up hot and steaming.


A coffee urn is your smart companion for serving hot drinks

Our coffee urn range from the experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher will find a home in a whole host of restaurants and catering facilities. For pubs and restaurant-owners, it’s the ideal quick solution to producing hot cups of coffee and teas without breaking the flow of your dining or drinks service. For food trucks and market stall operators, each coffee urn is lightweight, easy to transport, and quick and easy to install even in compact mobile set-ups. A coffee urn is also the ideal solution for caterers, breakfast buffets and conference rooms. Take the time and energy out of preparing large batches of coffee when you’re serving the masses! Better yet, offer your guests a safe and intuitive self-serving option, so they can top up at their own desire. With an insulated coffee urn, you don’t have to worry about temperature loss even over a long catering service. And with a clear measuring gauge, you will always have the heads-up when your coffee is running low. Our favourite coffee machine, ideal for larger catering operations, especially breakfast buffets, has a sixteen-litre capacity - the equivalent of about 80-90 cups of coffee. We also stock a range of smaller freestanding coffee machines, from two litres upwards, that are highly portable and ideal for compact workspaces and market stalls. Our double coffee machine, the Contessa Duo, features two separate hot plates and portable jugs so you can double up your pouring power when serving table to table. Don’t forget that you can also stock up on paper coffee filters for your coffee urn on our website (sold separately).

Never Spill a Drop

Each coffee urn in the Expondo range is chosen for its exemplary quality, design and safety features. Like many items in our craft supplies and our range of industrial equipment, we depend on stainless steel as a robust and reliable material whether it’s in the kitchen, or out in the construction site or workshop. Our coffee urn choices are each housed in durable stainless steel which is long-lasting, easy to clean, and insulates the inner-chamber of each jug, keeping your coffee hot and fresh for longer. The sleek and modern finish of the stainless steel exterior makes our coffee machines an elegant addition to any workspace. The additional components are made from hardened plastic, many of which can be removed for convenient dishwasher cleaning. With a drip pan featured as standard on each model, you never have to worry about excess spillage – simply remove the pan, and empty as needed. In our wide range of kitchen appliances, you’ll find even more diverse solutions for serving up hot drinks, such as our hot water dispensers and hot chocolate makers from our beverage dispenser selection. And if it’s hot food you’re serving up, look no further than our full heating range equipment which features more warming solutions from bain maries to hotpots. What’s the finishing touch for a great cup of coffee? Some say milk and sugar, but if you truly want to wow your guests, why not check out our selection of cup warmers, and make sure each coffee is served at the perfect temperature.