Chip Cutter

The exact origin of the world’s most beloved side-order is a question that remains. However, whether you refer to them as chips or fries, these irresistible potato morsels have fought their way onto dining tables the world over. From smoky patatas bravas to the infamous Canadian ‘poutine’ (traditionally topped with gravy and cheese curds), quality chip cutters are in high demand in countless restaurants and home kitchens. A chip cutter saves you time and energy, for the perfect batch every time.

A cut above the rest!

From fast food restaurants and gastropubs, to some of the world’s most renowned fine-dining establishments, the art of cutting and cooking the perfect chips is still very much in fashion. And with such high demand, our quality chip cutters from Royal Catering not only save you time and energy; they are also safer and easier to handle manually cutting chips with a knife. However you like to cook them, even in private kitchens, you can you rest assured that with the help of a chip cutter, consistent and cleanly-cut chip will add a professional touch to every plate. And we’re not just talking classic potatoes here! The world over, menus are endlessly inundated with new chips options, from sweet potatoes and plantains to crispy courgette fries. Whichever way you cut them, a chip cutter is sure to have the option that suits you.

We have two kinds of chip cutters in our full range of kitchen appliances. The regular chip cutter comes with a choice of blades’ dimensions (8x8, 10x10, 12x12 mm). And for a batch of beloved ‘curly fries’, our spiral cutter for chips creates long and even spirals, and can also be used on other vegetables and fruits. It’s not just a potato slicer; think of it as the new way to dress up a delicious tropical cocktail! And if curly fries don’t push the boat out far enough, you can find plenty of inspiration from our numerous choppers cutters for funny-shaped fruits and vegs – perfect for catering at themed parties!

Would you like fries with that?

Like all our catering and craft supplies, our chip cutters are designed for easy use, no matter what space you’re working in. All of our chip cutters are made with quality stainless steel, steel and aluminium, with a sturdy base and non-slip rubber feet for safe and easy use even on awkward surfaces. The sleek finish makes them quick and easy to clean, helping you maintain professional hygiene standards. All of our chip cutters are manually operated, giving you total control of production. Like all of our industrial equipment, our chip cutters are designed with your most demanding needs in mind.

Our regular potato slicer can also be installed on both wall and table surfaces, so it can be easily adapted to your cooking space. With weights up to 5kg, they are a breeze when it comes to storage and transport. Paired with our potato peelers, our quality chip cutters takes time and effort out of every batch. No more uneven wedges and not a speck of potato skin to be seen! A versatile addition to your catering equipment, chip cutters can be used with a wide variety of foods, for a quick veggie snack or even a speedy fruit salad. For a classic pairing of burgers and fries, our tomato slicers are a cut about the rest and all our commercial grills are designed to give your patties a succulent finish. In our full range of snack bar equipment, you can find tonnes of inspiration for your next fast food hit. But one thing’s for sure: it will probably come with a side of chips!