Car Polisher

For car-owners, garages, dealers, boat-enthusiasts and more, our range of expert polishing machinery is ideal to take the hard labour out of processing, waxing and polishing your vehicle. Whether you are operating a busy garage or simply giving your car a good spring-cleaning, a handheld car polisher offers you the power and flexibility to tackle vehicles of any size. With our cheapest model weighing a mere 1.25kg, you’ll see why this lightweight polishing range from the motor experts at MSW, you’ll see why it’s our top choice for professional results.

The finishing touch is everything

• Professional and home-use • Save money on third party vehicle-care • Lightweight • Made of sturdy, low-vibration plastic • Ergonomic handles • Suitable for polishing motor vehicles, boats and even furniture

Whether you sell and trade cars or carry out repairs and maintenance, professionals understand the value of a good polishing job to seal the deal, and leave a lasting impression on customers. Likewise, home car-enthusiasts will understand the importance of taking care of your vehicle, both inside and out, especially when it doesn’t break the bank. Introducing the ergonomic car polisher range from our full range of garage equipment. For professionals and home-users alike, this accessible, intuitive car polisher range, is even suitable for beginners, and can even be used on other high gloss object such as furniture. With three polishers to choose from, you’ll see why it the ideal addition to your power tools for homes, construction sites, and garages. Our cheapest car polisher weighs 1.25 and is powered with a 2m long cable, offering you excellent comfort, mobility and agility while you work, even overhead. The 150mm polishing plate rotates at a speed of 3500 rpm and is ideal for polishing out scratches and restoring shine. The elliptical rotation creates an even distribution of polish and ensures streak-free results. Built with low-vibration plastic, overheat prevention, and an ergonomic grip, this car polisher can be held securely, safely, and comfortably throughout use. Our most expensive eccentric car polisher from the MSW range reaches a rotation speed of 1800 to 6800 rpm, which is adjustable on six levels, depending on your chosen work-surface and desired results. In addition, this powerful car polisher comes with a 165mm polishing sponge and a specially designed wrench to quickly switch between fixtures.

More reasons to kit out your garage with MSW

• More garage equipment homes and businesses • Ideal for repairs, customisation and training purposes • Lightweight equipment for roadside assistance • Insulating garage doors • Aluminium welders

From our garage supplies to our wide range of catering equipment, we pride ourselves on offering products that are ideal for both professionals and home-users. As well as the MSW car polisher range, our full selection of garage equipment, we’ve got plenty more powerful and dynamic solutions for professional and private garages. For cleaning, repairs, maintenance, customising, and training purposes, there’s plenty to choose from in the Expondo range. To lift and access vehicles, both large and small, take a look at our full range of lifting equipment. We’ve got motorcycle lifts with a load capacity of up to 450kg – that’s enough lifting power to withstand a full-sized Harley! Carry out roadside repairs and tyre changes, quickly, safely, and easily with our range of transmission jacks, withstanding up to 1000kg. And removing and repairing engines from cars, trucks and agricultural equipment has never been easier with our sturdy and easy-to-manoeuvre engine stands. For more lifting solutions, take a look at our lifting magnets from our range of industrial equipment. For kitting out garages, warehouses, and any space that requires a combination of easy access and security, take a look at our range of garage doors in many colours and sizes. Our sound-insulated garage doors are built to protect your vehicles and equipment from theft as well as the adverse effects of heat, wind and rain. We also stock a wide selection of welders, ideal for working with aluminium cars, bikes, and motorbikes, as well as other structural repairs and craft.