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Incubator - 49 eggs - semi-automatic

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  • Spacious – for up to 49 hens' or 196 quail eggs
  • Simple – clear control panel with LED display
  • Professional – semi-automatic incubator with externally operated lever for turning the eggs
  • Practical – water dispenser included: refill water easily and safely without opening the housing.
  • Efficient – with an output of 150 W, it is economical in power consumption


The incubator from borotto makes your poultry hatch

If you want to breed poultry, trust the REAL 49 SEMI-AUTOMATIC incubator from borotto. The incubator from Farm Supplies has a robust plastic housing in which you can store up to 49 hen eggs or 196 quail eggs. Can hatch eggs of similar size.

The right setting for every poultry in the semi-automatic incubator

Temperature control is the most important part of the incubation process. You can use the control panel with LED display to set the temperature in a range of 30 - 40 °C in the incubator chickens to within one decimal place. Thanks to PID control, the set value is kept constant even if the ambient temperature in the incubator changes, ensuring good embryo development with a higher hatching rate. The interior ventilation is implemented by a low-noise fan that draws in the air from below and then conveys it to the side walls. Thanks to the aerodynamic design, an even temperature and moisture distribution inside the incubator is guaranteed.

The chicken egg incubator is supplied with a semi-automatic egg turning system. This is operated manually from the outside via a small handle that is connected to the swinging egg tray in the incubator.

Since this unit is constantly in contact with water during the incubation process, a lot of emphasis was placed on safety. The incubator has an IPX4 protection class. There is a small opening in the housing through which you can easily and safely refill water with the included dispenser without having to open the housing. The humidity is between 45 and 55 % when the water bowl is filled; when both vessels are filled with water, the humidity is between 60 and 65 %.

Thanks to the space-saving, vertical arrangement of the eggs and two large viewing windows that make it unnecessary to open the incubator for inspection, this model works particularly efficiently. With an output of 150 W, energy consumption and the associated costs remain permanently low.



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