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Whether you work in a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel buffet or takeaway kiosk, the principle is the same. Keep the orders flowing and make sure your customers served in a timely manner, with as few errors as possible. This is all well and good until the busy run hits. To keep an eye on table orders, make sure dishes are served as requests and to avoid any errors with bills and payment, a bill rail from the catering experts at Royal Catering is just the ticket! Improve your workflow and minimise waste food and money due to possible error with this discrete and easy-to-use storage solution.


Our stainless steel bill rails keep orders organised and clearly displayed

- Display orders and bills - Cut down on errors - Improve workflow - Range of sizes - High quality stainless steel - Easy to install

When it comes to getting orders right, relying on memory is not something worth risking. And even with the neatest handwriting, written or even printed orders run the risk of getting lost without a suitable display or storage system. That’s where a bill rail from our range of catering supplies comes in handy. Just imagine the chaos of missing coffee orders as your customers rush to work. Or worse still, a missing allergy warning leading to a harmful situation to your customers. Don’t take the risk – make sure you kitchen and service staff have a clear view of every order as the come through. Finally, any discrepancies or disagreements over payment can be quickly resolved by keeping cheques and bills safely stored until the end of service. With our choices of bill rails starting at the low cost of £25, it’s a small investment to make to protect your everyday takings. A bill rail can also be useful in other industries: A great addition to your professional tools in garages or repairs businesses for keeping track of the week’s jobs. Or an addition to your industrial supplies, for instance in labs to make a quick note of ongoing tests and experiments. Our bill rails are available in three sizes, depending on your kitchen’s dimensions: Choose from 50cm, 80cm or 100cm for larger spaces or kitchens that tackle many orders at once. Our bill rails are made from high quality stainless steel making them lightweight, robust, long-lasting and easy to wipe clean. Handling papers is not a good idea for kitchen staff who are working with food. Our wall-mounted bill rails ensure that every order is clearly in view, minimising hand-contact with the orders and thereby cutting down on unnecessary spread of bacteria. Mounting your bill rail is easy – simply use the two installation screws included in the delivery.

For every kind of kitchen…

- Versatile rotisserie grills - Full hotdog supply range - Ideal of takeaways and buffets - Safe, modern deep fat fryers - Efficient draining - Multiple fryers in one unit

The Expondo range is packed full of ways to keep your kitchen running smoothly, and we mean all kinds of kitchens. In our range of take away equipment, you’ll find compact rotisserie grills for sizzling up delicious meat, fish and vegetable kebabs with that crispy finish. You’ll also find a wide range of hotdog supplies, including steamers, grills and bun toasters. Speaking of toasters, our catering toasters will have your guest running to the breakfast buffet for seconds, producing an impressive 720 slices of toast per hour. In our range of snack bar equipment, you’ll also find dough mixers, salamander grills and easy to use sauce pumps. Of course no snack bar would be complete without a good old fashioned deep fat fryer. Luckily, there’s nothing old fashioned about these units, featuring high grade stainless steel construction, state-of-the-art drainage systems, automatic temperature control, and designed to be much safer and easier to use than traditional chip pans. Our most popular deep fat fryer is the double deep fat fryer from Royal Cater, with two 13L units allowing you to produce large quantities of crisp, fried dishes and desserts, and enabling you to stay organised and multitask by staggering dishes across two separate fryers. Finally, to store your kitchen equipment and ingredients, or indeed any form of equipment in garages, shops, factories and homes, look no further than our range of stainless steel cabinets. Our spacious cabinets can be mounted and adjusted to suit your workspace and boast impressive load bearings.