Arc Welder

One of the oldest forms of electrical welding still used today, arc welding has played an important part in modern history and remains both highly useful and extremely versatile today. That’s why so many workshops, construction sites and repair stations rely on arc welders as one of their most vital tools. When sourcing quality arc welders for your outfit of professional craftsmen’s equipment, you can trust expondo to provide high-quality welders for the best possible results.

  • High Quality
  • Hot Start function
  • LED Display
  • Various models to suit every budget

Tough, high-performing arc welders

For strong, neat joins and optimal safety when welding, it is imperative to equip yourself with professional-quality welding tools. Our catalogue of welders features many different types of welding equipment, including some of the highest-quality arc welders on the market today. These top-range welders are ideal for any workshop or repair shop, whether in the auto industry, factories or small-scale batch production. Thanks to the different options for our welders, we cater for a variety of needs and budgets, meaning that many of our arc welders are also suitable for private/home welding workshops and keen DIYers, or for educational purposes in vocational colleges and welding schools. When carrying out repair and maintenance work, whether in a workhop or in an outdoor setting such as a construction site, one of these welders is the solution. These arc welders are perfect for welding any ferrous metals such as iron or steel, ideal for constructing strong frames or structures out of metal sheet – and with the use of other consumable arcs, you are able to weld almost any material, making these tools highly flexible. Designed, engineered and manufactured by Stamos Germany, a reputable brand, these arc welders are build to be robust workhorses, ready to put up with all the stresses and demands of intensive daily use. The compact construction, manufactured with hard-wearing materials such as powder-coated steel sheet, means that these arc welders are a great fit in even the most hectic workshop environment.

Perfect for strong, clean and safe welding

These sturdy and powerful arc welders produce high-quality results you can rely on. Otherwise known as stick or MMA welding, arc welding uses an electrode to produce the join and create shielding gases which help to keep the join clean and even. The hot-start function of these welders enables the ignition of the arc, meaning you can start welding right away with no need to wait. Our arc welders are one of our most versatile industrial appliances, suited for all metalwork from building car chassis to urban sculpture to garden furniture. We offer many different models with carefully engineered features to suit different skill levels, use cases and budgets. Our cheapest stick welder still offers all the functionality and high-quality construction you would expect, offering excellent welding results for a highly reasonable price tag. On the other end of the spectrum, our pro-level stick welder is extremely high-powered but boasts a more streamlined construction making it lighter and more portable at just 6kg. We highly recommend that anyone equipping their workshop, factory or vocational college with these welders should also consider getting hold of a full range of crucial safety equipment for welding, including gloves and quality welding helmets. These and other essential welding accessories including refill or replacement parts are also available from our catalogue. And, like every product in our range of industrial and catering equipment, every welder and accessory has been meticulously sourced and tested to ensure you get the best possible product every time.