Aluminium Welder

Prized universally for its lightweight and flexible nature, aluminium is one of the most popular construction materials for a wide range of projects and industries. But to work with aluminium, you need specialist tools: tools which are reliable, high-powered and high-quality. For an aluminium welder you can count on, check out our catalogue. Like all the models in our collection of welders, these quality aluminium welders make a valuable addition to any workshop or toolshed.

Clean, strong, accurate results

When welding any structure together, perhaps especially with aluminium, you want precise, clean joins. With this relatively soft material, the strength of the structure is vital. That’s why it’s important to invest in a high-quality aluminium welder as part of your industrial workshop equipment – only then can you be sure that you will be creating strong welds. These aluminium welders are offered in a range of prices and levels, guaranteeing that there is a suitable model for everyone, from home DIY masters to constructors and industry professionals. We’re proud to provide excellent professional power tools that can be used even in precision manufacturing works such as automobile construction. But even if you are simply a hobby-welder and are working on an industrial-style coffee table or a go-kart for your kids, our welders are just right: easy to use, reliable and budget-friendly.

The compact size and light construction of our aluminium welders makes them easy to move around your workshop or site, for convenience and flexibility. Thanks to powerful ventilators and a reliable stream of inert air to prevent corrosion of the metal by oxygen and water vapour, the welding area is kept clean and overheating is avoided – for better and stronger welding results. And each welder is produced to extremely high standards by trusted brands such as Stamos Germany, using sturdy materials and expert engineering for welders with a long lifespan. That’s what makes these machines ideal both for industry, private use and even teaching institutions such as vocational colleges. As long as you ensure to wear the correct welding safety equipment, you’ll be ready to get stuck in to your welding projects right away.

Aluminium welders built to last, with many options

These high-powered aluminium welders come in a range of different intensity levels depending on what your individual needs are for your projects: choose from models ranging up to 200A, 225A or 333A. The differing intensities define the force of the arc, for light to heavy-duty welding work. Each welder provides TIG welding as the standard choice for welding aluminium, but they are also capable of MMA welding if you need to weld other metals or specifically require the unique advantages that an MMA weld offers.

Our most basic aluminium welder costs less than £450 and includes all the essentials such as a PULSE function and power ventilators, while our most powerful aluminium welder includes several useful additions such as a water cooler and even wheels for easy transportation! We also offer water coolers sold separately compatible with our other welding units, ensuring that the workpiece does not overheat even in extreme situations when welding or plasma cutting metals. If you are looking for solutions to join metals in fine detail such as wiring or electrical equipment repair, our range of soldering stations offers equally high standards of quality, helping you to take care of the big projects and the little details. From the car chassis to the car stereo, everything can be built using tools from expondo, proud supplier of tools and appliances to tradesmen, construction professionals and the catering industry.